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Trailers and Teasers 2 Trailers and teasers of movies and TV shows.
Hello! Project 51 Subtitling the Hello Project idol groups such as Morning Musume, Cute, Berryz, etc... Help us sub...
NCT Subtitles 1 subtitles for nct videos
JPWeekly 121 Subtitling Interesting Japanese Videos.
AoA Subs - 에이오에이 2 Translating the best korean girl group Ace of Angels (AoA) youtube videos.
Vocaloid 11 A community focusing on translating official vocaloid songs from Youtube and NND (ニコニコ動画) . Some ...
German Music 2 A place to subtitle all different types of music in the wonderful language of German.
48 Group 6 Let's Subtitle the AKB48 related japanese idol groups. Official youtube channels listed below: ...
Momoclo 5 Subbing Momoiro Clover Z videos.
Vinesauce 21 Video game clips of Vinesauce. Check them out at
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